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About Us


At Special Solutions, we are passionate about listening and providing honest communication--the first steps in understanding how to educate your child.  To help your child thrive in school and in the real world, we develop a continuum of services to meet individual needs in academic, organizational, and social areas.  We work with your school, your family, and other services to build a collaborative and effective support team.

Everyone at Special Solutions has the determination and commitment to make things change for you and your child.  Through coaching, and advocacy, we help you get the most out of the educational system while guiding your child to independence.

Our goal is the same as yours--to provide the support your child needs to succeed.

Our Founder


As a Special Educator, Shelley B. Smith recognized that students learn differently, that schools may not be able to provide all the support needed, and that homework battles can cause a lot of family stress.

She created Special Solutions to help parents and students find strategies and supports to achieve success. Started at Shelley's dining room table, Special Solutions has now grown to include more services and to support hundreds of students each year. 

Our Center

Private Learning Center

Special Solutions believes that the setting makes a big difference in how a child learns.   We guarantee a comfortable, calm, and inviting atmosphere that encourages productivity and confidence. 

Comfort of Home

Our center is designed to make you feel at home--without all the distractions.  We offer a kitchen, private restrooms, and access to the supplies you need so you can concentrate on your work. 

Private Space

Students meet in private spaces, allowing for complete focus without distraction. 

Our Staff

Fit matters.

We take time to get to know you and your situation so that we can personally match you with one of our professional coaches, Literacy Specialists, Language Pathologists, or other service providers. 

Find More Success with Less Stress